Day #10 – Faith In The Competition

The Old Testament reading is Job 3-4 (NLT) and Matthew 8:1-17 (NLT)

Imagine yourself sitting in on a conference hosted by Steve Jobs, co-found of Apple, so that you might hopefully catch a little bit of wisdom on how to improve your company’s marketing or maybe even learn something to improve your life. There you are taking copious notes and taking in the sights and sounds when suddenly, the back door to the auditorium bursts open. You notice a man running toward the stage and security oddly enough doesn’t make a move to hold the man back from Steve. Upon closer inspection you come to a realization that Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft,  has crashed the party with a terror-stricken face. After catching his breath, Gates pleads for Jobs to help him with the design of his new version of the Windows operating system. Without so much as the bat of an eyelash Steve agrees to leave at once for the design meeting over at the Microsoft building. Gates puts up his hand and halts the trend setting giant.

Gates states, “I really don’t deserve this sort of prompt treatment from my competitor. Look, I know how this business is run. If I simply E-mail or send a memo to my team, I know that my ideas and orders will be taken seriously. Steve, just shoot me an E-mail of your ideas and I know everything will be all right.”

Steve is a bit taken back by Bill’s words. He slowly turns his attention to his close cohorts on the front row of the conference and speaks, “Are you kidding me? Did you hear this man? He knows that a trifle E-mail with my thoughts will save his project. You, however, are not satified unless I’m in attendance at countless meetings and galas. You, who I have worked to help build this company for, have less faith in my ability to get the job done than my competitor.”

Okay, okay, I know that since Steve Jobs is dead this will never happen. However, a modern-day thought helps me to give some perspective to the Matthew 8 account for today. Jesus, the Son of God, is confronted by a Roman officer after arriving in Capernaum. A ROMAN officer. At this time Rome was the superpower of the world and in order to keep control the Romans made sure that Roman solidarity was encouraged throughout their territory. This meant that anything that was not seen as uplifting to Rome was a threat. Jesus and his teachings made the hit list against Rome. Right away I find it interesting that a Roman soldier would approach Jesus for help. This shows me that the officer saw more with Jesus than just a elequent teacher. Even more interesting is that Jesus is concerned enough about the hurting servant that He is willing to put all of His plans on hold to go heal him.

The truth about the competion can change your lifestyle. The Roman officer's realization of Christ's authority affected his life.

The next scene is amazing to me. The Roman officer that should be opposed to Christ aknoledges His great authority. Humbly the Roman as a man (not an officer) asks Jesus just to give the word and His order will be carried out. The officer then goes on to explain how he understands orders. He has seen orders given when he has had to follow through with them and the officer has also given orders to his subordinates. This is a man that understands the delivery and execution of an order. I think the part that was amazing is that while the Roman understood the inner workings of a manager and employer/employee relationship, he still had to have great trust in the fact that Christ was the Son of God in order that Jesus’ mere words would command ailments to leave the young servant. Jesus too was amazed at the faith of the Roman. He even takes the opportunity to declare His amazement to His Jewish followers and let them know that this outsider has more faith than many Israelites that are the chosen people of God.

I wonder how this is true for our lives. If you are a follower of Christ, do you realize who He is? Do we understand that He is able to heal our diseases? Do we understand that He looks upon us with care and concern at all times? Do we understand that He is absolutely trustworth? No questions asked – no doubts. He is the living God and should be trusted. If you’re not a follower of Christ, how do you react to Jesus lecturing the small faith of His followers? What does that do to you that Christ would be willing to leave attend the bedside of a servant of a man that would have been seen as His competitor? What does this section of history teach us about Christ?


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