Day #17 – It’s Not Fair

It's Not FairToday’s readings are from Job 22-24  (The Message) and Matthew 12:1-23 (The Message).

It’s not fair.
It’s such a common phrase, especially with children in the home. Okay, let me be honest. This phrase is common in my vocabulary; I just don’t vocalize it like my children.

It’s not fair.
Every time I hear it I see it said with a passionate plea. More than likely one feels they have been wronged in some way and either with an enraged or deeply sorrowful way the phrase is cried out to the air.

It’s not fair.

I connect with Job in today’s Old Testament reading. Here is a man who has lost everything and surrounded by friends that are pointing out his sinful nature. I can only imagine that after being told several times to renew his faithfulness to God and turn from his sinful ways that Job must be going mad in his head. He must be reviewing the video of his life and searching for an episode of a day in his life where he would deserve the calamity brought upon him.

Finally, after the all the video has been watched and he returns to the real world, Job is left with a sense of injustice. It’s not fair – God can’t do this (Job 23:2).

Let’s jump forward in history now to a time when Jesus is telling a story about a son that asks for his father’s inheritance before his father is close to being deceased. The kid wastes all of the money on wild living and is forced to get a culturally degrading job. The boy finally puts away his pride and decides to go home to his father. The part that I pay attention to here is that the father is THRILLED that his son is home BUT the older son is ticked at his sibling. In fact the older son marches over to his father, who is in the middle of putting together a very expensive “welcome home” party, and heatedly confronts him on his actions. It’s not fair – I’ve been the loyal son and worked hard by your side all these years. Actually, Job does a bit of this in chapter 23 and 24. He speaks about his loyalty to God’s commands and then in chapter 24 he talks about how the wicked get away with everything under the sun.

If I’m honest here, I have to say that I relate with these feelings and emotions sometimes. If told, my life story doesn’t have the dramatic telling as some folks. I’ve been a goody-two-shoes during my life. I’ve never been on drugs or addicted to alcohol. I grew up in a Christian home where I honestly don’t remember a time that I didn’t think Jesus died on the cross for my sins. Consequently, when I hit a rough patch in life, I can relate with Job (and maybe more so the eldest son). It’s not fair. I see others making it in life. Ozzie and HarrietThey don’t know God but they seem to have more income, an easier time performing their day-to-day tasks, less struggles – their life looks to be like something out of “Ozzy and Harriet.” In my head life should be run like the family business. You know what I’m saying – after ten years of service God gives you a watch and twenty years an exotic vacation with a good yearly raise. Life should be simpler.

I know. I know. I’m being selfish here. “It’s not about me; It’s about Him.” “Where is your faith that God will provide?” “You are better off than ‘them’ because you have God’s hope of eternal life.” Yeah. Yeah. I’ll work on it.

The nugget of encouragement that I take is connected with the end of Job 23 starting at verse 13. Job understands clearly that God is sovereign. He grasps quite clearly that God is in charge of not only the universe but of his small life. Now despite the fact that Job gets the unbelievable power of God, Job still is able to cry out, “It’s not fair.” Are there holes in my thinking? Probably. I mean Job REALLY didn’t cause his “unfair” moment while my moments are usually brought on by selfishness. However, God is merciful enough to allow me, his creation, to come before Him with whining and complaints. He cares for me even though I’m the one that has wronged Him. That’s not fair – thank God.


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10 responses to “Day #17 – It’s Not Fair

  • songstress7

    Thank God that He is not fair!

  • mikj45

    We receive and accept all the blessings of God as if they are owed to us. We forget that the rain falls on the just as well as the unjust. When it is raining we hunker down and whine and get into selfpity like Job. We turn to friends and they give us nothing but platitudes, then we get angry for what they said. God said he is with us in the times of prosperity as well as in the sparse times, but being the humans we are we want to know why we have bad times and bemoan it to God and then to whoever will listen. We don’t really want to hear what they have to say, we want a pity party and want those around us to join in our misery. As they say misery loves company. I hope that we see ourselves in the mirror of Job and his friends and learn from their example. that God is with us in god and bad times, and that our whining does no good either for us or for our loved ones. This also sets a bad example for those that are not strong in their faith and could cause them to waiver.

  • Laura Grimmer

    I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I do know that God is molding and shaping us all for a greater purpose then we can see. we tend to get caught up in the moment and forget that our hardships won’t last forever. If God would just heal me, If I could have a house like that, I wish I made more money, what then? what next? would it really make us happy? I sometimes forget that this life is only for 70, 80 years, for some less. It’s not about how much I have or don’t have, who is smarter or richer, We have something of greater value, eturnal life! one day when we leave this world it’s not gonna matter who did what or how many things we accumilated along the way. but the treasure that awaites us in heaven if we endure and keep fighting the good fight. Keep me focused on you Lord. If I have you, I have everything! Jesus paid it all! ❤

    • darrenfink

      For sure. I think what you’re hitting at is what Job was realizing when at the end of chapter 23. Before he demands counsel with God but then he talks about fearing being in God’s presence. I think Job suddenly remembered how BIG God is and how temporary his situation on earth is.

  • shanda

    Very good Darren. God’s response is probably better than most parents would with a whining child. That’s probably the time he tests us the most.

    • darrenfink

      Tell me about it. I kept thinking about how I react to our kids when they’re whining. Believe me they know that Papa is NOT happy. God though… I can whine and complain and He is still loving and caring. Nothing shakes the guy 🙂

  • mikj45

    I think we’re all in agreement. Whining will get you nowhere. God is God.

  • darrenfink

    I agree that whining isn’t going to get you far. What do you think God thinks of it? It doesn’t say that Job sinned but it doesn’t say that it was okay either?

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