Day 28: Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise to Repeat

Today’s Reading:

Genesis 27-28 & Matthew 18:21-35

Growing up, we used to play a game in which we would sit in a circle and give one another a chance to tell a truth, complete a dare or a really courageous double dare, or make a promise to repeat a phrase that you may not want to repeat.

Our text resembles a similar situation in my imagination. Jacob and Rebecah are outside the house and Jacob is faced with the options of telling the truth to his father, taking the dare of retreiveing the meat before his brother could return, or the doubledare of “costuming” as his brother to fool his father. Jacob agreeing to do all the previous acts caused him to also have to “promise to repeat” one lie after another.

Have you ever been in a situation where a close family member has hurt you in a manner you only perceived an enemy would? Have you ever been promised something, to find out that what you were expecting was stolen or given away? We find Esau on the brink of receiving his fathers blessing, but his brother Jacob had a different plan.

Jacob and Esau are no longer boys. They are 77 years old. Their father Isaac is very aged. He is 137 years old and he could not see. Rebekah knew God’s promise but she tried a carnal scheme to try to bring it to pass (sounds familiar right?). Jacob was old enough to know better but went along with this scheme and fully participated in the deception. Usually our evil plans and plots do not work out as well as we had hoped.

Jacob was probably hoping that he would not have to lie with his mouth, but his sin of deception led to the next sin: lying. Not only does he lie but he brings God’s name into it!

So in accrodance to our reading for today, below are some quick trivia questions to spark your understanding of the passage. Enjoy, and good luck!!!

Should parents always be obeyed?

Should Jacob have obeyed Rebekah in this case?

In Genesis 27:12 what word describes what Jacob actually was?

What was the first question Isaac asked?

Why did Isaac in verse 20 ask; “How did you kill the animals and prepare the meat so quickly’?

Today Takeaway’s:

  1. LET US NOT DO EVIL THAT GOOD MAY COME – Rebekah and Jacob had a good goal in mind: to get God’s promised blessing. If God has promised us blessing, then we should let Him bring the blessing in His time and in His way.
  2. BE SURE YOUR SIN WILL FIND YOU OUT – Rebekah and Jacob were totally exposed and their deception was brought to light. Jacob’s sin was going to catch up with him! Instead of being the DECEIVER he is going to be the one DECEIVED!

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