Day 35: I Don’t Look The Same!

Today’s Reading:

Genesis 43-45& Matthew 22: 23-46

As I approach the end of this winter season, I am reminded of the Christmas season. It is during this time that I am able to spend time with my family, while enjoying the food selections that are unique to this season. My favorite dessert has to be my mother’s homemade carmel cake. The ingredients include: cake flour, eggs, milk, vanilla extract, sugar and butter. I remember watching my mother mix these ingredients, although the ingredients individually don’t taste good, combined they become a sweet tasting dessert. The beating that these items endure is necessary in order for cake to be made. The folding of the batter and whipping of the eggs, makes the final product much better than they would be without this process. Once the cake was finished I notice that the finish product contained all the original ingredients but did not look the same.

One of the things that stood out to me in today’s text was the fact that none of Joseph brothers recognized him. Joseph’s look may have changed, but the components of his character remained the same. His faith, integrity, and dreams never shifted. Often times, people who are abused by life’s challenges usually experience a change in their character. I also found that when people gain success they sometimes forget where they came from and sometimes will transition into the person they despised in their past. I am encouraged when I noticed that Joseph’s success did not cause him to become bitter.

In this story of comfort, Joseph forgiving his brothers, and also telling them that the pain and betrayal that he endured had a purpose is good news to me. Now that his dream had manifested, Joseph cried in excitement that his family will be restored and his journey was worth it.

Today’s Takeaways:

  1. Hold on to your dreams; they will come to past.
  2. Don’t allow the trials of this life to make you bitter. They have a purpose for you.
  3. Forgiveness should be the only option for those who wrong you. Their actions in most cases will cause you to be stretched and strengthened.


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