Day #49 The Ultimate Authority

Today’s Reading:

Exodus 27-28 & Mark 1:23-45

I am excited to know that the Power of God is not limited to humans and the elements of the world, but every part of creation must submit to His world. Addiction is defined as the continued use of a mood altering addictive substance or behaviors despite the adverse consequences that may accompany those behaviors. The dangerous reality, is that some people who struggle with addiction do not realize that it is impacting their thoughts and actions in their everyday lives. Our text reminds me of three key factors that can help us as we endeavor to be like Christ: the power of god; the authority of God; and how we measure our behaviors.

When I think about the power of the blood of Jesus and how it has the power to wash away ALL my sins, I get excited to know God’s love is unconditional. I know the obstacles that I had to overcome; and to know that God can forgive me is a gift from an all seeing God. In the same manner what ever issue that I was tied to, God’s has the power to break every addiction, soul tie and habit.

Jesus’ actions showed that He really had the authority that He claimed. In this text, He cast out a demon. How? By His words! Nothing more. When Jesus merely said, “Be quiet and come out of him,” the demon left the man. His words had authority even over demons. The calmness with which Jesus expelled demons reflected His power: He never argued, struggled or created a scene. He simply ordered the demons to leave and they left. No wonder people were amazed. He had demonstrated the credentials to prove His authority.

In every area of our life, authority is essential. To determine distance, it is necessary to have a yardstick or standard of measure by which to calculate length. Thus, if someone wishes to know how long a room is, he measures it. God has provided a yardstick for us: Jesus and the Word. When we wish to know whether something is right or wrong, we should evaluate it by the standard of the Scriptures. Therefore, you need to have a Bible at your side while you are studying, and continually refer to it to be sure that what is taught in these lessons is true. The Bible is our yardstick.

Questions to consider:

What amazed the multitudes about Jesus?
a) physical appearance
b) intelligence
c) wealth
d) authority in teaching

How did Jesus expel the demon?
by conducting a seance
by a magical formula
by a simple command (rebuke)
by taking up a collection

What purpose did Jesus’ miracles serve?
they made Him rich
they demonstrated His authority and proved He was from God
they proved people today can do miracles
they served no purpose whatever


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