Day # 53 – Furnishing the Tabernacle

Today’s reading – Exodus 36 – 38 Mark 4:1-20

It was a hot summer night in a time when only a few churches were air conditioned. Ours was not. The windows were raised and so was the level of excitement. Boys were seated on one side and girls on the other. We were having a ‘Kid’s Crusade’ and the secrets of the Tabernacle were being reveled through the wonderful media of flannel graph. As each layer of flannel was removed showing the details that lay beneath, a cowbell would ring out indicating a question was about to be asked. The boys were competing against the girls. At stake was a wooden ruler for everyone on the winning side. Even better was that the one that answered the most questions without getting any wrong won an incredible 6 foot long candy bar! It had come down to a sudden death play off. I was representing the boys and an emaciated looking girl with blond hair and green eyes was all that stood in the way of certain victory. Suddenly, the cowbell rang out! The question directed to me was easy. “Out of what was the bronze basin made? There was no way I could miss that one. I stood up, looked confidently at the blonde haired green eyed girl and with a defiant tone answered “Bronze!” “Yes – but what did they use in the making of the bronze basin and its stand?” came the reply. Well maybe I had been a little overly confident. Perhaps it was a trick question. As I stood there scratching my head in absolute bewilderment one of the boys behind me whispered “Mirrors.” I wasted no time in repeating, “Mirrors, they used mirrors.” “Yes – and what were the mirrors made out of?” I needed no help on this part. I had seen plenty of mirrors and they were all made of “Glass!” “Wrong – the basin and stand were made from mirrors of bronze.” came the reply. Well, I didn’t get the 6 foot candy bar. I didn’t get a ruler. I did marry the blonde haired green eyed girl twelve or thirteen years later and my palms still get sweaty every time I hear a cowbell.

It is amazing what we remember from the first time we are exposed to the wonderful details of God’s dwelling among men. Most of the gold, about a ton of it, would never be seen by the Israelites. It was either covered or displayed in places too holy for the common man. Each piece foretold God’s redemptive plan. Carefully crafted to precise details by those with the ability, willingness and resolution to give their best for God it stood as a reminder to this fledgling nation that God was in their midst. We no longer need a Tabernacle to recall Matthew 28:20 …. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”


About Richard McGill

Hi, my name is Richard McGill and my family and I started attending CCC shortly after moving to the area eighteen years ago. Although eighteen years may sound like a long time it has past by so quickly. My wife, Sharon, and I have seen our four children grow and have twice experienced that bitter sweet day when we have loosened our grasp so that our children, could begin families of their own. Sharon and I have been more than rewarded for our sacrifices in that we again, on occasion, have in our home the squeals of laughter that only comes from innocence and youth. We revel in the titles that have been bestowed by sweet little voices and thrill to hear them say Papa and Memaw. In addition to our two married children we have two that are preparing for their future through education. Jenny is finishing her sophomore year at SIU and Alex will graduate from high school this spring. Throughout the past eighteen years I have been privileged to serve in several capacities at CCC. I have been a small group leader, greeter, usher, in the Easter production, on the worship team and have taught Sunday School. While I am honored to be asked to contribute to this most recent effort, I can’t help but wonder if they’re not still trying to find something that I am good at. View all posts by Richard McGill

One response to “Day # 53 – Furnishing the Tabernacle

  • mikj45

    In reading todays scripture the picture in my mind was how specific and detailed God’s directiions were in the building of the Tabernacle. We can compare it to how fearfully and wonderfully made we are and how He expects perfection in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. Then how
    God had to make the people stop bringing materials to build the Tabernacle because there was too much. What a wonderfull thing it woulld be if God had to tell us to quit bringing gifts to His House because there was too much. The precious metals and rich fabrics to be used can be us and the gifts He has given us to use in His service in each specific need of the Church. I praise God for those that recognize their giftings and use then for the Glory of God.

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