Day # 63: Momentum Versus Monuments.

Today’s Reading:

Leviticus 17-18 & Mark 9: 1-29

Guest Author: Minister Michael Williams

Have you ever had an amazing experience with God that left you completely in awe of Him?  I mean a moment in time that you wanted to tell everyone about and maybe you did.  You told the story of this God moment over and over and over and over again.  You told details about who was there, what the weather was like, even the smells that you remembered.  While there is nothing wrong with having these moments, we must be careful of making monuments out of moments.

At the awesome sight of a deceased Elijah, a deceased Moses, and Jesus whose clothes suddenly began to gleam a brilliant white, Peter was amazed.  It was such a wonderful site—two pillars of the Hebrew faith and their current master teacher all engaged in a divine conversation.  Peter desired to do what we often do—he wanted to build tents for all three.  Peter was going to build a monument of the moment, a monument that would reflect the greatness of all three men.  However there were two fatal flaws in his plan.

His first flaw was giving equal status to Elijah and Moses as he did to Christ.  While God uses great leaders in our lives to help bring about Godly transformation, Jesus is our deliverer.  While God will use men and women to play instrumental roles in our formation, it is only through Jesus that we are saved.   We must be careful when we make monuments out of moments that we are not giving mortals more credit than they deserve.  God corrected Peter’s thinking by reminding the disciples about just who Jesus was (verse 7).  Sometimes we need to refocus; we need to appreciate the people that God uses as instruments for our wholeness but reserve all glory, honor, and praise for God alone.

Peter’s second flaw, while from a good heart, was his desire to build tents.  In this moment Peter was looking to build a place to stay.  Who knows how long it would have taken to build these tents.  We don’t know how long Peter intended for them to be on the mountain enjoying this moment.  Yet as we read further in the chapter we know that there was work to be done.  Had they lingered on the mountain too long, deliverance for the young demon-possessed boy could have put his life in further jeopardy.  We can not get stuck on the mountain.  There is work to be done in the valleys where there are people who need to know the God that we are awed by.  It would be great to live on the mountain tops of life, but if we are to lead full and complete lives we must go through the highs and lows of life, because we can see God in both.

God moments are meant to build momentum not for us to build monuments.


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