Duet 17-19, Luke. 5:17-39

Luke 5:26 “We have seen remarkable things today” This was the response of the crowd who came to see Jesus speak in a house when suddenly the roof started coming apart and a paralyzed man was lowered into the presence of Jesus. This and the other events surrounding Jesus were so remarkable that today I am writing this blog on a tour bus after visiting the site of this miracle in Capernaum. Here Jesus raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead. Here Jesus healed a woman with the issue of blood who suffered 12 years.

We have just arrived and our group is feeling the unusual sensation one gets when they are standing on holy ground. My thought for the day is that I am not willing to live my life as a tourist who enjoys remarkable events from history. I live a remarkable life because Jesus infuses my life with His spirit. I am raising a remarkable family because Jesus is at the center of our family  life. I pastor a church where we regularly expect and see miracles, signs, and wonders. May each of us live our lives in such a way that when we come to the end could only be described as remarkable! Today the city is in ruins as Jesus predicted because of their unbelief. May all of the good things God does for us always lead to faith.


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I am the Lead Pastor of Bethesda Christian Fellowship which is a dynamic growing congregation in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have an amazing wife, Melanie, two daughters, Natalie, and Kristiana, and a son, Noah. Nordstroms are passionate world changing Christ followers. We are educated with a Christian world view. We make godly decisions regarding friendships and marriage. We seek God's guidance for our life work and ministry. View all posts by drphilipnordstrom

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