Could You Repeat That Please

Today’s reading: Deuteronomy 28-29; Luke 7:31-50

People that know me today find it hard to believe that I was a fat kid. It’s true. I remember mom buying my jeans at JC Penney. This wasn’t for the bargain buy but because it had a “husky” section. Now during my childhood I enjoyed playing soccer on a team for many years right up until my high school career. There were many things that I did and do love about the game of soccer. However, one thing that this fat kid didn’t like was large amounts of running that were involved. I was already made fun of enough in grade school without having the added benefit of the skinny kids to make fun of my running.

I actually find it humorous in the present time that I have taken up running marathons as a hobby. What I used to hate with every member of my being I now do as a source of recreation. The fact of the matter though is that there is still pain and a little suffering involved with this hobby. If I want to run 26 miles or even 13 miles I have to get my body trained to endure that sort of stress on it. There is just no way that I’ve found to be able to take part in this event (but please let me know if there is an easier way). There has to be some misery to get to success.

In the reading of Deuteronomy 28 I was enjoying all the benefits that would befall the Israelites if they followed the commands of God to the fullest. I mean, who wouldn’t love to hear all these great things? You’re going to have a large family along with a booming agricultural and livestock business. You’re going to have more than enough food to support you and your family. You’re going to do well whether you’re around your grand estate or traveling abroad. You’re enemies are going to attack you… wait… I mean you’re enemies are going to attack you… no, I read it correctly. Verses 7 & 9 of chapter 28 deal with God conquering Israel’s enemies when they attack them.

Even as I’m rereading that passage again to make sure I’m understanding it correctly, I am picking out that “bad things” are inescapable. No matter what there is going to be some sort of misery in this world – it’s a consequence of the sinful world we live in. That doesn’t mean that God is nonexistent or that He has forgotten about us. It might not even mean that God is disciplining you. It does mean that we must continue to place our faith/trust that God is in control. We must remain hopeful that God work overall for our good, which is reaching more and more the potential He placed inside of us.

I must ask after concerning myself with all the problems of my life. How is my faith in God affecting my life?


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