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1 Samuel 20-21

I’m afraid that I’m going to have to ask you, the reader, to help me with the majority of the blog today. It’s not so much a writing I have as thoughts on our 1 Samuel reading.

There are three great men of God in this section. We have Saul, his son Jonathan, and we have the giant slayer, David. God is most definitely with Saul and David in powerful ways. Saul is out to kill David. Jonathan is in the dark about the politics of the situation. David just wants to stay alive. All three men are Christians.

In the church people don’t normally try to kill each other but don’t attacks come in other forms? Just because we are God-fearing doesn’t mean that we are perfect. We don’t have swords but we can wield gossip or rally other church folks against another. How are some like Jonathan and some like David?

After you read the passage looking at your local Christian gathering, I must burden you with one more question. Where has the focus on God gone in each of these men’s lives?

Looking forward to your comments and thoughts.


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