My Shield

Today’s reading is Samuel 15, Psalm 3, Psalm 69, and John 4:27-54.

I took a look at Psalm 3 and there was something simple and neat for me here.

I like that the writer seems to be in distress. He’s telling the situation like it is and life isn’t rosy. We all have times when we can relate to this type of mindset. Misery loves company (or should it be company loves misery). I hate having a life situation where I feel like the world is out to get me and even more so that I have the feeling that everyone thinks I deserve my horrible situation.

What I simply admire of the author is that he sleeps and gets up in the morning. When everything has really hit the fan, it’s hard to sleep. Anxiety and stress keep you awake thinking way into the late hours until morning. Not this guy. He knows that God is going to sustain him. What is sustain you ask? Well… I asked anyways. According to, “sustain” means to support, hold, or bear up from below. The author is in complete belief that God is holding him up. He can make himself vulnerable enough to go to sleep because he knows that when he gets out of bed in the morning that God will still be supporting him as He does every minute of our lives.

I find that somewhat encouraging but also challenging. I’m not there yet. I can’t stare a torch and pitchfork crowd in the face and declare that they won’t keep me up at night.

What are your thoughts? How do you allow God’s sustaining character to be your strength? Do you know when you have arrived at that point?


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One response to “My Shield

  • mikj45

    I don’t think anyone ever reaches that point in their lives. We strive to get there by engraining His word in our heart and mind and learn to lean on His word and promises. This is a part of our growing experience in God. It takes time and Patience, but of course we want to get ahead of God and that sets us back a step or two. So it is a long term goal.

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