Let Us Sing And Join The Chorus…

Out of the miriad of verses I could have chosen to focus attention Psalm 102:18-22 caught my eye.

Write this down for the next generation so people not yet born will praise God: “God looked out from his high holy place; from heaven he surveyed the earth. He listened to the groans of the doomed, he opened the doors of their death cells.” Write it so the story can be told in Zion, so God’s praise will be sung in Jerusalem’s streets and wherever people gather together along with their rulers to worship him.

The part that interests me is that this Psalmist wants accounts of his present to be taken down so that future people not yet born can praise the God of the universe. Sometimes I get so caught up with the daily grind or searching for significance in the here-and-now that I forget there are two other states of time: the past and the future.  Occassions must be taken to remember the past from time to time. There must be ways to tell the stories of those that have walked in the faith before us and marvel at God’s ability to work in all situations. This must be done so that youngsters today can hear others’ and my personal accounts of how we know God to be real and mighty.

It actually reminds me of a hymn. I wish I could remember the title. Nonetheless I remember the songwriter commanding the church to praise God for washing us with His blood and poetically singing of the excitement the writer has for his grace in Christ. In the middle of the song we are asked to pause and, “Let us come and join the chorus of the saints enthroned on high. They have trusted Him before us and now their praises fill the sky…”

Who was a person in the past that you remember for their faith? How have you seen the evidence of God in your past? Have you shared these experiences with a young person lately?


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