Leaving Normal

Today’s reading is Proverbs 5-7 and John 20.

Today has begun as a stressful day for me. Not only did I forget to do my blog for the day but it would seem that I have a hundred and one different situations begging for my attention. I’m sure most of you can relate.

It’s those days when the house wants you to pay attention to the variety of handy man chores that you have let pile up over the weeks until finally they can be ignored no more. The times when you feel down only to be handed that one more stress or one more piece of sad news that is the straw breaking the camels back. It’s the instances in life when you feel like you’re acing the job of living only to be thrown a curve ball out of no where and stuck with wondering how you will make it. It’s a significant other unexpectedly fighting for their life in the hospital. It’s looking up at the heavens and screaming, “God this is more than I can handle!”

Mary Magdalene saw this day. The teacher she had given her life to follow was dead and in a tomb. She was beside herself with grief. Confused. Wondering what she would do next. She was bewildered on the next step in her life. Life seemed aimless and hopeless. John 20 tells us that she was on her way back to the tomb when she received a shock that probably seemed like a jab to the stomach. Christ’s tomb was opened up and the body was gone. I imagine right now is when a multitude of emotions went through her being.

Anger: She no doubt was angry that someone would kick her group while they were down. I mean the guy is dead. The religious leaders won the fight. Why can’t this poor lady just lay down and lick her wounds in peace?

Fear: Is her group being setup for something? Why would they steal a body that has no worth for them? Christ’s followers were already lying low hoping that the Romans didn’t come after them. What could a stolen body mean?

Confusion-Confusion-Confusion: Why would someone go to all that trouble to move that huge boulder? If Mary’s group is being setup then what is on the horizon for her life? What is the next step? Does she keep a life of a fugitive? Does she continue her trust in God? Where is God? Why is all of this happening to her?

As she is crying at the tomb she sees two men dressed in white. They ask her an odd question from their location. Why are you crying? (Duh, the guy that was in the tomb that you’re now sitting in is gone) She explains her situation to the men nonetheless. Then she believes to see the gardener and pleads with him to return the body of her Lord. She just wants some normalcy to return to her life. However, she is given more than normalcy. She is shown that the gardener is in fact her crucified teacher who has risen from the dead.

Why are you crying? No one told Mary it was wrong to cry but it was just an inquiry. It was a question that stopped time and looked at her situation. As hard as it may be in our situation, it is important to look to the God that brings about more than normalcy. He brings hope. He brings life. He puts right the situation that seems beyond broken.


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