Superman, diaper, or infection

Today’s readings are from 2 Kings17-18 & Galatians 4.

Once again I have a tale from my five year old. He loves super heroes. Well, really he didn’t have a choice. His two orders brothers love everything super hero and his father is an old Marvel comics junkie. Is it any wonder that he loved to dress up in a red Superman cape from age 3 to present.

My wife and I applauded his imagination and encouraged his play with the cape. Others loved it too. Most women think that my youngest looks like a china doll right off the shelf so for many ladies the cape allowed them to hug a real life Superman doll.

The only problem that he encountered with the cape was its tendency to want to attend K-3. Now I deliberately say the cape wished to attend because I don’t remember how many times I found it in my son’s backpack before going to school and he claimed he didn’t put it there. Thus, I must assume that the play cape that supposedly belongs to a powerful being of another planet was subdued with the ability to long for a goal/desire.

The best secret mission that my son had with the cape was a particular school day morning where I didn’t hear a peep from my son. Now being in a house with four active kids means that someone gets their name called out in a warning fashion at least once before going to school. However this day my little boy got put of bed, dressed himself, did his chores, pack his backpack and was ready for school. I drove him and his sister to grade school and was impressed with how good he was behaving. The van stopped in front of the school and I gave the kiddos kisses… BUT WAIT. As I helped my son out of the van I noticed a very prominent bulge in the groin area.
“Did you leave your pull up on?”
“No daddy.”
Suddenly fearing an infection in his sensitive area I pulled back his pants and out pops a carefully stowed red cape. Clever. Clever.

In the reading for 2 Kings I stopped my reading when I saw that the Israelites secretly did things against God. Now of course it is dumb to think that God didn’t know what they were doing. “Secretly” merely is describing the manner in which they treated the actions that God did not approve. At first I want to condemn the people. After all it just seems like they always screw up only to find that God is very real and powerful through His wrath. However, don’t we do this all the time. Isn’t there something in your life that you know God doesn’t approve of or isn’t good for you to do as a Christian? Do we watch movies or tv shows that if Mother Theresa had come to our home to watch we would blush? How come we say we love Jesus but have a different way of talking in front of our pastor than we do in front of our friends? When do we tell our teenage kids that they should abstain from an action but then we turn right around and do the same deed we forbade?
What is the red cape that you’re hiding?


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