Let’s try this again…

*Note to those that have already read my post – I recently had my blog read to me and realized that some of my thoughts didn’t copy down to type. Let me take another hack at this.*

Today’s readings are Philippians 3 and Psalms 89-92.

In the Philippians 3 portion of the reading for today Paul mentions his personal accomplishments. We all have these, right? I worked really hard for my art degree and I remember my whole life that people noticed my artistic talent. I think it’s great. I’m not defending myself. I just know that it’s a God-given talent and I’ve found so many times that it’s exciting to use my talent to show others truths about my risen Lord.

Paul continues in the passage to talk about how he considers all of his personal accomplishments to be garbage in light of Christ. I don’t think that the passage means that Paul considered all of his education to be worthless. He actually was able to use his academic education to witness to many people ina  place like Athens. However, when Paul pictured Christ next to his education and hard work, everything became worthless.

I must say that I’m not at Paul’s level yet. I don’t think Paul was ashamed of his hard work or belittled it. All of his hard work was shadowed by Christ. I have days where my college diploma or an art show I’ve created looks more exciting compared to Christ. Again don’t get me wrong. I think my artistic abilities are a God-given and I’ve allowed God to use them to do some amazing and beautiful works. However, I’m in the wrong when I can’t be like Paul in that Christ should always outshine my own personal achievements. Christ who is the reason for my hope and salvation.
Christ who can orchestrate a magnificent church body with God-given talents and use them to do amazing things.


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