The Salad Singer?

Psalm 136-146

1 Corinthians 3

A few years ago one of my coworkers and I had stopped at a restaurant for lunch. As I was waiting my turn at the salad bar I heard the gentleman in front of me sing a few bars of a popular country song. He had no idea that anyone was close enough to hear until I complimented him on his singing. He was so embarrassed and I felt so bad for him that I offered a couple more compliments. I must admit I was more than surprised when he put down his plate, cleared his throat and belted out his unique rendition. The look of shock on the faces of the other patrons and the pummeling I received from my coworker said it all. The man could not carry a tune in a bucket. What was worse is that he had no idea that he couldn’t sing. Infused with the confidence he had gained from a few complements he was well into the second verse before I could distract him enough to get him to stop. As I read 1Corinthians 3, I see that the church at Corinth was not much different than my new found virtuoso.

The city of Corinth was a thriving hub of commerce and important to the Greek economy. It was uniquely situated in that two harbors and exceptional roads were accessible to its citizens. The church that Paul had planted there was growing. I have no doubt that the Christians there saw themselves as mature in the Lord. After all they were well taught and self-sufficient. They were endowed with spiritual gifts and isn’t that a measure of spiritual maturity? But Paul says they are mere infants needing milk rather than solid food. They were so confident in themselves they failed to see their own short comings.

The church at Corinth was divided over whom to follow. Some followed Paul, after all he was the one who started their church. Some preferred Cephas (Paul). After all he was a Disciple of Jesus. He had spent years studying directly under Jesus and you have to admit that would be impressive on a résumé. Still others preferred Apollos an Alexandrian that was cultured in the ways of the Greek. They had focused on the instrument used to deliver the gift and not on the Giver of the gift. God was giving the increase and God was building His church. Christians are a very diverse lot. When we fail to recognize the beauty and strength inherent in diversity we can never obtain the unity to which we are called. Paul never picks which leader they are to follow but addresses the quarrelling among them because division prevents growth. Paul reminds them of the primary objectives and most importantly reminds them that they are Christ’s.

So don’t forget who you are, or rather Who’s you are. You are a child of the King!


About Richard McGill

Hi, my name is Richard McGill and my family and I started attending CCC shortly after moving to the area eighteen years ago. Although eighteen years may sound like a long time it has past by so quickly. My wife, Sharon, and I have seen our four children grow and have twice experienced that bitter sweet day when we have loosened our grasp so that our children, could begin families of their own. Sharon and I have been more than rewarded for our sacrifices in that we again, on occasion, have in our home the squeals of laughter that only comes from innocence and youth. We revel in the titles that have been bestowed by sweet little voices and thrill to hear them say Papa and Memaw. In addition to our two married children we have two that are preparing for their future through education. Jenny is finishing her sophomore year at SIU and Alex will graduate from high school this spring. Throughout the past eighteen years I have been privileged to serve in several capacities at CCC. I have been a small group leader, greeter, usher, in the Easter production, on the worship team and have taught Sunday School. While I am honored to be asked to contribute to this most recent effort, I can’t help but wonder if they’re not still trying to find something that I am good at. View all posts by Richard McGill

2 responses to “The Salad Singer?

  • mikj45

    You are so right. People tend to get so wrapped up in whoever they are being taught by or lead by that they forget who it is they are supposed to be following. This creates a lot of confusion, disappointment in the one they are putting their trust and faith in. Especially when they find out that that person is prone to human error just as we all are and then they are crushed and want to be angry at God. We must learn to keep our focus on
    the One true God and not on people.

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