Responsiblity of the People – The Weight of a Leader

Today’s readings are 2 Chronicles 7-9 and 2 Corinthians 2.

In chapter 7 of Chronicles it is impressed upon me how please with the temple God is. He has accepted this place to dwell among His people.

I find it interesting that God knows that the people will stray from His wishes and commands. God lets Solomon know that their will be hardships because of those times. However, there is the promise that when the people return to God that He will hear their cries. Thus, the people have a responsibility to stay inline with the heart of God. However, it is so good to know that when their is a mess up that God has made provision for it.

Now, God turns to Solomon and discusses his leadership. Again, we hear that if Solomon will stay inline with the heart of God that times will be great for God’s people. Not only for God’s people but Solomon’s rule will extend to his future generations. This is what floored me. If Solomon strays from God’s leadership and follows other gods, God states that the people would be uprooted. Also, as impressive as the temple looked, disobedience would find the temple just as a disgrace.

I’m impressed upon that the heart of a leaders is very significant. The actions of Solomon affect the whole Israelite community. How are you encouraging your leaders at work? at church? in our nation?



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