You have to know when to hold them….

Today’s Scripture readings are 2 Chronicles 29-30 and Acts 19:21-41.

In the Acts portion of our reading we see an uprising against the early Christians. I think the interesting part is that Paul’s disciples keep him from addressing the crowd. What do you think?

My opinion is that this was a great move on their part. I think as a leader Paul wanted to guard the hen house. He wanted to take care of the people in the early church. However, it this uprising had nothing to do with the religious beliefs of the time. It was all about the money.

Alexander, a Jew, attempted to make a defense and the crowds yelled all the louder against “The Way.” I don’t think that Paul’s voice would have been heard over the crowd any better. If anything it might have been worse. After all Paul was seen as somewhat of the ringleader of this group of troublemakers.

I think the only way that the crowd could have been pacified was to suggest that the early church would exclusively buy their silver crucifixes from this group of silversmiths.

The lesson I think that I’m pulling from this portion of Scripture is that there is always a story behind a story. There are times to speak the Gospel and defend the Gospel. There are times to show the Gospel by listening to the hurts and concerns that lay beyond the problem being presented.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this situation? How do we carry its application over to today?


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