Wake Up

Today’s Scripture readings are Isaiah 20-22 and Ephesians 5:1-16.

“Wake up, sleeper…”

I love this phrase. In this section Paul is pleading with the listener to consider how they are living. There is definitely consideration that needs to be done by this sinful boy from Quincy, IL. I mean look at how the passage starts off. Paul is asking me to live in a way that matches the love displayed by Christ. Amazing! That is a lofty goal to consider. I am being asked to match the life of Christ, who was completely blameless in every aspect of life.

It’s fun to watch my children. It’ also funny to see the actions that are done when they know I’m watching and when they think I’m absent. It’s even more fun to walk in the room and announce my presence in the middle of their actions. More often than not this is fun with my five year old. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked in the room and quickly he stops attending to his project or an item quickly is hidden out of view. I usually follow up with the question, “What are you doing?” Any parent knows the answer to this question will be, “Nothing.” I love it – it’s so funny. It’s a great example of things being done in the dark.

I do it and you do it. There are things sprinkled throughout our life that if God physically came into the room we’d quickly hide our project or thought. We be the one exclaiming that we weren’t doing anything.

Wake up, sleeper! If God were to physically walk in the room right now, what would your response be?


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