A Final Hallelujah!

Revelation 19 concludes with some final Hallelujah’s because The Beast has been defeated.  The warfare image aptly describes my journey of faith.  There are beast without and beasts within that must be overcome before the consummation of all things.  As this year comes to a close I say with John the Revelator Hallelujah!  Those from Christ Communuity Church may recall that it was about this time last year that I began saying, “a year from now I sense that we won’t even recognize the church.  God is getting ready to do something big and something new!”  I can with complete honesty say that I never could have predicted the way that this “word” would come to pass.  I can say with a year later, however, that God did exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could have asked or could have imagined.  Between the word and the Hallelujah was a tremendous battle.  Little did I know that I would be a major part of the BIG CHANGE that was coming.  As you know, the Lord called us to leave our beloved church and friends in order to be pioneers and help relaunch a church in Tennessee.
Unraveling our entire social network and uprooting our family was the hardest thing I have ever done.  The love I have for Murphysboro and Christ Community was only confirmed by the pain of leaving.  We came willingly but we heavy heart and a great deal of trepidation.  A battle raged within my own heart and truthfully there are still skirmishes to fight.  God came through for Christ Community by sending a dynamic pastor and his family who are changing the face of Christ Community and they have brought fresh vision and energy which is already paying dividends.
In Knoxville, we are already on the grow and new friendships are being forged which don’t replace the old ones, but simply add to the tapestry of the beautiful destiny God has for us all.  I am more refreshed than I have been in years and I’m so excited about the new opportunities and challenges ahead.
It has been a joy to blog through the Bible this year.  This is my last CCC blog and I will retreat into the background and allow all of you to experience the great future God has for you under the leadership of your new pastor.  Pastor Rick has my full support and I promised him and you that I will never interfere or speak anything but positive things about the journey you are on together.
However, I will still be writing, blogging, preaching, proclaiming, discipling, and teaching until that last Beast has been defeated and we all begin our eternal hallelujahs together.  Continue to pray for us as we will be praying for you!

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I am the Lead Pastor of Bethesda Christian Fellowship which is a dynamic growing congregation in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have an amazing wife, Melanie, two daughters, Natalie, and Kristiana, and a son, Noah. Nordstroms are passionate world changing Christ followers. We are educated with a Christian world view. We make godly decisions regarding friendships and marriage. We seek God's guidance for our life work and ministry. View all posts by drphilipnordstrom

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